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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Is Britney Spears pregnant?

HOLLYWOOD is abuzz with rumours Britney Spears may be pregnant again after the troubled singer, 26, was seen with a conspicuous bump while shopping in Hollywood.

Pregnancy rumours were further fuelled by a visit to a medical centre in Los Angeles during the week.

US magazines speculated Spears was expecting a baby with on-off British paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib.

The speculation followed a court ruling on Wednesday that Spears's father, Jamie, would remain in charge of the singer's financial and personal affairs for the next four months.

Spears has two sons, Jayden James, 1, and Sean Preston, 2, who live with their father, Kevin Federline.

The Spears family is expecting a new addition, with the singer's sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn, pregnant - allegedly to her boyfriend Casey Aldridge, 19.

Britney Spears refuses to attend Jamie Lynn’s wedding

Britney SpearsTroubled Britney Spears is refusing to attend her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears’ wedding - as payback for the way she announced her shock teen pregnancy last year, it has been claimed.

Jamie Lynn - along with her mom, Lynne - announced the pregnancy late last year, in US magazine Star, in a deal widely reported to have been worth at least $1m.

Jamie Lynn, 16, is reportedly planning to marry her longterm beau Casey Aldridge before her baby is born in June.

Sources say Jamie Lynn asked Britney to be the maid of honor at her ceremony - but the Toxic star shot her down, telling her “hell would freeze over” before she would attend the wedding.

“When Jamie Lynn asked her, Britney laughed sarcastically down the phone. She told her hell would freeze over before she’d stand as her maid of honor then hung up on her,” said a source close to the Spears family.

Britney was furious that she found out about her sister’s pregnancy via the press - and was devastated that she was amongst the last to know.

Adds the source: “Britney had it out with her sister at the time, she’s been simmering with resentment ever since.

“She believes that Jamie Lynn has broken the bond the two have always shared - and is using Britney’s fame to make money.

“Britney told a pal: ‘I’m devastated. Jamie Lynn’s stabbed me in the back. I’ll never trust her again. She’ll regret doing this to me.’

“Now [by not attending Jamie’s wedding] she has found the perfect way to hit back.”

Zoey 101 star Jamie is said to be devastated by her older sister’s behavior - and had hoped the troubled singer had forgiven her, but, according to sources, it’ll take a long time for Britney to get over the way her younger sister had treated her.

“All she wants to do is live off my fame,” Britney reportedly confided to a close pal. “She just wants her famous sister at her wedding to show off to her friends. She doesn’t care about me.”

Jamie Lynn has been left in tears over her sister’s decision not to attend her big day, but friends are hoping Britney will change her mind.

Meanwhile, a court ruled earlier this week that Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, can pay himself $2,500 a month from the singer’s bank accounts.

Jamie, who has been handling the Toxic singer’s affairs since a court ruled he should be a co-conservator, will be able to pay himself the money every month.

A judge has also agreed that Britney should pay for a car ‘of an appropriate size’ and has given the go-head for her dad to lease a vehicle.

Documents released by the court also reveal that the conservatorship - Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet - to pay a $5,000 retainer to one of Britney’s doctors Stephen Marmer MD and Britney’s court appointed attorney his fee of $58,800.

The papers read: “The temporary conservators have the power to lease one vehicle of an appropriate size.

“Mr Spears is to receive compensation of $2,500 per week on accounting beginning 3/3/08 without prejudice.

“Mr Ingham to receive compensation of $58,800 on account, without prejudice.

“It is so ordered.”

Does Britney Spears have a stalker?


It appears that Britney Spears has a stalker. We're talking a few love letters, this one is so bad that the "Toxic" singer has turned it over to the Los Angeles Police Department.

E! News is reporting that Britney has received several disturbing letters and packages, including at least one letter mentioning "how to bomb" and others containing threatening language and "weird gibberish."

"A lot of it was disturbing stalker kind of stuff," the source told E! "But to be safe her security team is turning it all over to the police and FBI."

According to a source inside the Spears camp, they family is so scared that they plan to hand everything over to the cops.

An LAPD spokesperson says no investigation has been launched yet, but authorities "have been looking at allegations that have cropped up in the past couple of months."

Jessica Alba Does the London TV Circuit

With her tummy growing bigger by the day, Jessica Alba busily made her way around the city of London on Friday (March 7). The 26-year-old, who was out for a scheduled appearance on GMTV, happily waved to fans and photographers as she hopped into her awaiting car following the TV spot.

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Alicia Keys to perform at arena

Rhythm-and-blues singer Alicia Keys will perform at 8 p.m. April 26 in Value City Arena, W. Lane Avenue and Olentangy River Road.

Tickets, $39.50 to $100, will go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Schottenstein Center box office (614-292-2624, 1-800-462-8257, and Ticketmaster (614-431-3600,

The recent Grammy Award winner, on a two-month North American tour to promote her multimillion-selling album As I Am, will be accompanied by warm-up acts Jordin Sparks (of American Idol fame) and Smack That singer Akon.

Alicia Keys

The show opened with a short film showing the young Alicia Keys at church being commanded by her preacher to go unto the world and sing. The tone was semi-comic, but the message was overweening: rejoice, for a divine talent has been sent among us.

My heart sank further as the soul singer appeared sitting behind a grand piano playing a splashy keyboard routine. The 27-year-old rarely misses an opportunity to remind us that she's a classically trained pianist, as if we should fall to our knees and marvel at her ability to string a few chords together. It's pop's equivalent of the cultural cringe.

The air of smugness never entirely disappeared - Keys had a habit of chuckling to herself while making pointless remarks such as, "No one can take me away from my piano" - but her show, contrary to initial expectations, turned out to be terrifically entertaining.

Leaping from the piano to join a troupe of dancers, she opened with "Ghetto Story", a pounding R&B number about her hardscrabble upbringing in Hell's Kitchen in New York. The song's steeliness suggested that whatever hand God might have had in her success, strength of will has certainly played a part.

The theme of the evening was her life story, as outlined in her latest album As I Am , which has confirmed her status as one of the US's biggest stars by selling more than 3m copies.

Outbreaks of schmaltz periodically threatened the set, such as when pictures of plucky Africans illustrated a piano-led weepy about survival. Yet even her mushiest songs were purposeful, propelled by an inner drive that kept the schmaltz under control.

Her singing was spectacular. There was no hint of the laryngitis that forced her to cancel the opening dates of her tour in the supple jazzy phrasings of "You Don't Know My Name" or the power chords of "Superwoman". A series of songs performed alone at the piano underlined the range of her vocals, which rang out note-perfect within an arena holding some 20,000 people. Other tracks had deft hints of jazz and rock amid references to classic soul and R&B. My misgivings about Keys' self-regard were overtaken by admiration for her flair.

Coldplay, Sex Pistols, Alicia Keys Announced For Japanese Summer Festival

Coldplay has announced its first show of 2008 at Japan's Summer Sonic festival, to be held August 9th in Tokyo and the following day in Osaka. The group will join the Verve, the Sex Pistols, the Prodigy, Alicia Keys and Fatboy Slim, among many others.

Coldplay is putting the finishing touches on its next album, expected in June. Among the tracks in contention to make the final cut are "Yes," "Violet Hill," "Chinese Sleep Chant" and "Reign of Love."

Also on the bill for Summer Sonic are Paul Welle, Devo, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Panic At The Disco, New Found Glory, Spiritualized, Band Of Horses, Against Me!, Silversun Pickups and Junkie XL.

Tickets go on sale May 24th.

Alicia Keys needs a chance to soar

Alicia Keys at the Birmingham NIA
All about the voice: Alicia Keys is not a natural booty-shaker

Helen Brown reviews Alicia Keys at the Birmingham NIA

"I don't know if I feel comfortable…" says Alicia Keys as her three backing singers coax the demure, 26 year-old star into shaking a little booty with them. As they shimmy in their tight, short, silver dresses, the modestly trousered Alicia giggles, rolls her hips and humours them with a few uncommitted BeyoncĂ©-lite moves.

She clearly doesn't enjoy shifting her (or our) focus from her voice to her pelvis and, as the silver trio recede into the dry ice she reiterates:

"That just didn't feel comfortable. It's OK for a 'show'," she says, flicking a little disdain into the word, "but I wanna do something special."

And this is what's wrong with the all-new Alicia Keys tour. It's a show that wants to have its cake and rise above it.

A look at the punters goes some way to explaining why: there are the thirty- to fortysomethings who fell for the street-smart piano ballads of Songs in A Minor back in 2001, and were pleased to have their taste validated when Bob Dylan name-checked Keys on his last album.

And then there are the teenagers in flashing bunny ears who think the current, anthemic single No One is a "bangin toon".

So the audience is, to some extent, divided. And the star is in a transitional career phase, figuring out how much fun and funk to throw into her serious, Roberta Flack-inspired soul. The former prodigy looks like she wants to relax into her talent, but is still wary of frivolity.

The effect on the show of these two factors feels, to borrow Keys's word, uncomfortable.

Her piano slides on and off stage as her "special" moments are segued into the dance routines that are part of the modern, American arena-sized show. Some of Keys's most beautiful songs - A Woman's Worth, Butterflies, even Fallin' - are clipped to suit ringtone-length attention spans.

This sort of thing is fine for the Spice Girls. But with a musician who can really soar, it's frustrating.

Despite the cancellation of earlier dates because of laryngitis, Keys's soulful, slightly Michael Jacksonesque voice sounded on good form. But it was seldom given the opportunity to fly freely as the songs were ticked off and the costumes changed.

Despite its silly lyrics ("Even when I'm a mess/ I still put on my vest/ With an 'S' on my chest") Superwoman emerged as one of the few movingly heroic moments of the night - stripped down and simple.

And as the electro-arpeggios of No One brought the evening to a suddenly euphoric close, those bunny ears flashed away. But I'd have preferred to hear half the songs, played all the way through. Just Keys and her piano, feeling comfortable.