Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lindsay Lohan opens new 'Wombs to Go' franchise in Peoria!
Peoria, IL - 'Rooms to Go', the popular chain of furniture stores has issued its first franchise for a totally new concept of 'buy it and go' stores called 'Wombs to Go'.

Actress Lindsay Lohan has purchased the first franchise and recently opened the 'WTG' store in Peoria, a quiet, small city in rural Illinois.

'Let's face it, people want this and we offer it in a 'quickie' form!," says Lohan.

She might be on to something too! Within hours over 500 young men were lined up outside the WTG ready to purchase their very own womb. The store offers several sizes and colors and everyone has a money-back guarantee!

Lindsay Lohan thrilled about working with role model Ann-Margret
Washington, Mar 09 : American actress Lindsay Lohan is thrilled to be acting with her role model Ann-Margret in a new Jack Black comedy.

Although Lindsay insists that she cannot say much about the project, her excitement about working with Ann-Margret, who she has emulated for years, can be seen clearly.

The two became good friends after meeting up for a photo shoot in 2006, and Lohan has since declared that Ann-Margret was her ultimate role model.

"I'm part of a film that Jack Black is involved in that is starting around April, hopefully. We're getting the cast together now," Contactmusic quoted Lindsay, as saying.

"I can't say too much. It's a comedy. Ann-Margret is a part of it and I'm very excited (about that). One of my favourite movies is her movie Kitten With A Whip. It's a great movie. I just really respect her," she added.

Shock! Lindsay Lohan Gets A Movie Role!

Lindsay Lohan has done the unthinkable - she’s actually got a part in a movie again.

The young actress was recently talking about her worries her career had stalled because of her personal problems, but Lohan’s giddily revealed she’s now been signed up to star alongside one of her heroines.

She says, “I'm part of a film that Jack Black is involved in that is starting around April, hopefully. We're getting the cast together now.

"I can't say too much. It's a comedy. Ann-Margret is a part of it and I'm very excited.

"One of my favorite movies is her movie Kitten With A Whip. It's a great movie. I just really respect her."

Lindsay Lohan to Ali Lohan: stay out of clubs!
Lindsay Lohan has said she doesn’t think it’s strange - or worrying - that her little sister Ali Lohan wants to follow in her footsteps. Ali told Teen Vogue recently that wants to be famous “so bad” and wants “to do what [Lindsay] does” in terms of acting and singing. Lindsay told People magazine: “She’s doing what I love to do, and she loves to do it too.” “I wish her the best of luck.” Both sisters are currently working on albums and while Lindsay says she hopes her third studio album “dance .. kind of Kylie Minogue meets Rihanna“, Ali’s younger so her debut will be “a different vibe.” But after two DUIs and three stints in rehab last year, the 21 year old had a little advice for her younger sibling: “Stay away from the clubs!”

Marc Senter Joins Lindsay Lohan in Hippy
Variety reports Marc Senter (The Lost) is locked for two films beginning production sometime this year. One is Hippy, the Lindsay Lohan horror film directed by Chris Sivertson we first alerted you to nearly a year ago. The other is a film entitled Ironclad.

Shock recently joined Sivertson for a screening of "Lost" recently, and when we spoke to him about Hippy he relayed it was a film that's still on the table but he'd rather "not talk about it too much for fear of jinxing everything." Senter next stars in Wicked Lake, click on the title for a racy trailer.

Lindsay Lohan advices younger sister to stay away from the clubs
U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan had one simple piece of advice for her younger sister and aspiring singer Ali: "Stay away from the clubs!"
The elder Lohan, whose partying lifestyle has led to multiple rehabilitation efforts and two drunken driving arrests, used a recent interview to offer her 14-year-old sister advice on being a celebrity, reported Friday. The "Mean Girls" star said in addition to avoiding the clubbing lifestyle, her sister should do her best to "keep her head on straight" as her fame increases. The cautionary words from Lohan come in the wake of Ali's highly publicized comment: "I want (to be famous) so bad." Lohan, meanwhile, is preparing to unveil a new album she says has more of a dance feel than her previous musical efforts. said the singer-actress also is to make a movie with comedian Jack Black and actress Ann-Margret, a dream come true for Lohan. "I'm very excited!" Lohan said of working with the award-winning actress. "I just really respect her."

Ali Lohan Hoping for Lindsay Lohan-style Success

Little sister Ali Lohan grew up watching Lindsay become a huge celebrity. Now the 14 year-old star of Living Lohan (a new reality series) is ready to hit the same fame as her big sis.

"It made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or onstage, with everybody listening to you ... it's so cool when people look up to you. I've already been asked for my autograph and it's just a really good feeling to have."

Ali Lohan: Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson/ WENNThe ‘tween admires her famous sibling, and now she's ready to inspire others like Lilo does. The new TV show, like Lindsay's early hits will be a family program.

Lindsay LohanHopefully the younger Lohan can keep up a family-friendly lifestyle longer than Lilo did. The older girl's stints in rehab aren't enough to clean up her heavy-drinking, Britney-style revealing photos, and the rumours of heavy drug use.

Maybe one day Lindsay will know what it feels like to be inspired by her sister's success - but only if Ali can catch up without falling victim to Lilo's vices.

Paris Hilton : LOVE Is In The Air


Paris Hilton helped celebrate boyfriend Benji Madden's 29th birthday by organizing a romantic getaway to Las Vegas together this past weekend.

On Saturday night, the pair hit up a performance of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage.

They were seen "cuddling throughout the show."

Later in the evening, the pair headed to LAX, where Benji chainsmoked the night away while keeping the PDA to a minimum with Paris. The most they did was hold hands.

Another week together. Defying expectations!

Paris Hilton and actor/monk fiasco orchestrated by douche commander

It turns out Paris Hilton's public appearance with a monk who turned out to be an actor is part of some elaborate stunt for Ashton Kutcher's new show Pop Fiction. Get it? Like Pulp Fiction. Clever and he wears trucker hats. This man is our Jesus. FOX News reports:

The performance for the paps was reportedly for Kutcher's new E! series premiering this Sunday entitled "Pop Fiction." The show is designed to make gullible paps and media outlets look pathetic by pulling all sorts of pranks.

Touché, Ashton Kutcher. Touché. But here's a prank that will turn your brown eye blue: Look in the mirror. Surprise, you're Ashton Kutcher - forever! Aw, man, that's gotta sting. Also, you just got Punk'd. I win!

Paris Hilton To Operate New Atom Smasher
(Geneva, Switzerland) The International Atomic Agency (IAA) voted unanimously to let Paris Hilton conduct the first experiment on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) once it opens later next month.

Ms. Hilton is the chief architect and engineer for the multi-billion dollar project that could unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Ms. Hilton will test whether the Standard Model or her more advanced theory is correct. "I envision an eleven-dimension universe including two dimensions of space-time. The Higgs boson is there, I'm sure!

"Recently I had lunch with Stephen (Stephen Hawking) to discuss a joint paper we are writing on the multiverse and dark energy."

The paper with Dr. Hawking is to be published in German. "I find it easier to think about advanced physics in the German language for some reason" laughed Ms. Hilton.

Ms. Hilton holds several Masters and Doctorate degrees from Cambridge in advanced cosmology, engineering and particle physics. She is a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge. She is also fluent in German, Farsi, Sanskrit, Japanese, French, Hebrew Cantonese and Air Head.

Paris Hilton strips to undies and leather jacket for sexy

Paris Hilton stripped down to just undies and a leather jacket in a raunchy shoot for German Maxim magazine.

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Paris Hilton's Guru a Prank!

I cannot believe Ashton Kutcher is this smart. I have totally underestimated Demi’s wonder boy toy.

Apparently Paris Hilton’s new guru is actually an actor. She isn’t seeking spiritual enlightenment at all. It was just a prank on the Paparrazi put on by Ashton that Paris went along with (I am surprised she understood the stealthy plan to begin with. Ashton must be very good at speaking stupid).
Anyway, this guru’s real name is Maxie Santillan Jr. He’s been on CSI (what’s a girl gotta do to play a corpse on that show? Hello??) and My Name Is Earl. He was hired by Ashton for a new show called Pop Fiction. It airs this Sunday night and his marketing strategy is pure genius if you ask me. Who would have thought he was anything but good in bed? Some people surprise me, but I digress. The show is about playing pranks on the Paparazzi and other gullible media outlets. Basically, it’s a way for celebrities to get their revenge. Several high profile celebs are in on it. Ashton (smart manboy that he is) won’t say who. Ahhhh...the plot thickens.

Unlike Punk’d, Ashton won’t be jumping out at the end of the episodes laughing and pointing. He’ll let those involved find out with the rest of us “normal” schmucks. I’m sure he’ll be enjoying the aftershocks immensely while he massages his mom’s....oops...I mean wife’s feet.

Paris Hilton to star in My Name Is Earl

Heiress to appear in dream sequence

Paris Hilton is being lined-up to star in hit US show My Name Is Earl.

The heiress is expected to feature in a dream sequence, where she visits Earl, played by Jason Lee, 37.

'When we wrote the Paris role we weren't sure who to go with, then we found a little-known actress called Paris Hilton,' an insider tells the Daily Record.

Paris, 27, has already starred as a guest in several American series including The OC, Las Vegas and Veronica Mars.

My Name Is Earl is shown in the UK on Channel 4.

Paris Hilton Hits Sin City

For most of us, a trip to Las Vegas consists of saving money, planning travel accommodations, and asking for time off at work. But when Paris Hilton wants to party in Sin City she merely snaps her fingers.
The “Hottie and the Nottie” starlet was spotted at the Mirage Hotel and Casino last night for the grand opening of the Kim Vo Salon.

And she was dressed to impress, sporting a sliver and black party dress with a sequined jacket and matching black on black stockings and boots.
Earlier in the day, back in Los Angeles, the paparazzi caught up with Miss Hilton as she was grabbing some groceries and checking out the cover of InTouch Weekly, complete with a Lindsay Lohan cover story.

Loved-up Paris Hilton wears her heart on her ring finger
Since first stepping out together in February, Paris Hilton and her rocker boyfriend Benji Madden – the twin brother of Nicole Richie's love Joel – have been inseparable, frequently pictured hand in hand. On Friday the actress sparked further speculation about their whirlwind romance when she was pictured attending an event wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger bearing the initials BM.

Attending the Las Vegas opening of a new salon in the Mirage Hotel – without her Good Charlotte guitarist beau - the 27-year-old cryptically replied: "It means exactly what it means" when asked whether the ring signfied the two were heading down the aisle.

Socialite Paris - who is reported to have already met Benji's mum - ensured it wasn't just the diamonds in her ring that sparkled however. The Simple Life star arrived at the event in a silver sequinned bolero.


The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops re-inventing herself, Madonna has sold tens of millions of records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Her film career, however, is another story. Her performances have consistently drawn scathing or laughable reviews from film critics, and the films have usually had tepid, if any, succes

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Kelly Brook

She started modelling professionally at 16 and starred in her first advertising campaign for Lee Jeans. Since then she’s featured in campaigns for Renault Megane, Walkers and Piz Buin. Her first media break came when she was taken an interest in by the UK national tabloid newspaper The Star, who still regularly publish images of her to this day.

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Emma Watson

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in France on April 15, 1990. At school in England, she took the lead role in several plays including “Arthur: The Young Years” and “The Happy Prince”. Along with plays, Emma participated in many other school productions including the “Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition..

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Eva Longoria

The youngest of four sisters who grew up on a ranch near Corpus Christi, Texas, Longoria attended Texas A&M University-Kingsville, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. After graduating from college, she entered a talent contest that brought her to Los Angeles, where she was spotted and subsequently signed by a theatrical

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Gemma Atkinson

Trivia: Has done cover shoots for magazines such as Nuts, Zoo Weekly, FHM, and Maxim.A huge fitness fan as she goes to the gym daily as well as boxing classes twice a week.Measurements: 36E-25-36.

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Photos of Paris Hilton

Photos of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton decided to go to Rwanda to do charity work.

Paris Hilton decided to go to Rwanda to do charity work

Paris Hilton displays her inflated

Paris Hilton displays her inflated

Paris Hilton to play herself on sitcom

Paris Hilton to play herself on sitcom

Paris Hilton’s Breast Implants Illusion

Paris Hilton’s Breast Implants Illusion

Paris Hilton burger cavort crashes website

Paris Hilton burger cavort crashes website

Paris Hilton On Maxim Germany

Paris Hilton On Maxim Germany



Paris Hilton on "My Name is Earl"

Paris Hilton on "My Name is Earl"

Paris hilton picture

Paris hilton picture

Paris Hilton takes the whole 'Barbie doll' thing a bit too far

parisbarbieshop.jpgGodammit, she even eats the stuff!

Not being (a) American, (b) the mother of a seven-year-old girl or (c) Paris Hilton, I had no idea that there was such a thing as Barbie breakfast cereal.

But apparently, there is. And apparently, Paris Hilton eats it.

Or at least, buys it.

Because here was Paris out supermarket shopping in Bel Air yesterday, looking as casual as we all do when we're out supermarket shopping, ie. wearing white high heels, a posh floral dress, and sunglasses.

And carrying a box of Barbie breakfast cereal in her basket.

Do you suppose Nicole Richie eats Ken breakfast cereal? I think we should be told.

Paris Hilton’s monk is a sham.

Kind of funny though. Ashton Kutcher is filming a new show that tricks the paparazzi by setting up high profile celebrities with weird situations.
Ok, it really isn’t that funny.
Fox News says, The performance for the paps was reportedly for Kutcher’s new E! series premiering this Sunday entitled “Pop Fiction.” The show is designed to make gullible paps and media outlets look pathetic by pulling all sorts of pranks.
How cute. “Pop fiction.” Hopefully the show has a ton of close ups of Kutcher giggling and babbling with his trucker hat tilted. Seriously, I miss that. In fact, I am so excited for it right now that I may take a sledgehammer to my TV. This way, I don’t have to endure all the excitement of seeing Ashton Kutcher on TV.

Paris Hilton crowned 'Miss Vagina 2008'

Atlanta, GA - Paris Hilton, actress, social misfit, and famous for being famous, was crowned 'Miss Vagina 2008' last night in Atlanta Georgia, at the Miss Vagina Pageant 2008.

In a surprise win, Ms. Hilton beat the two favorites who took runner-up positions in the contest. First runner-up Britney Spears, and second runner-up Lindsay Lohan. Both conceded that it was a very close contest.

Judge Robert Mann had this to say about the judge's final decision, "It was a tough call, but the talent part of the pageant was the clincher for Hilton. Her vagina whistling the title tune to 'Titanic' brought tears to everyone's eyes."

Ms. Hilton will officiate at the 2009 Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC, and along with her talented vagina,will sing the National Anthem at the World Series in 2009.

Hilton's grand prize is a cheesy golden crown, a Timex watch, 2 tickets to Sea World, and a $500.00 US Savings Bond.