Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paris Hilton's Guru a Prank!

I cannot believe Ashton Kutcher is this smart. I have totally underestimated Demi’s wonder boy toy.

Apparently Paris Hilton’s new guru is actually an actor. She isn’t seeking spiritual enlightenment at all. It was just a prank on the Paparrazi put on by Ashton that Paris went along with (I am surprised she understood the stealthy plan to begin with. Ashton must be very good at speaking stupid).
Anyway, this guru’s real name is Maxie Santillan Jr. He’s been on CSI (what’s a girl gotta do to play a corpse on that show? Hello??) and My Name Is Earl. He was hired by Ashton for a new show called Pop Fiction. It airs this Sunday night and his marketing strategy is pure genius if you ask me. Who would have thought he was anything but good in bed? Some people surprise me, but I digress. The show is about playing pranks on the Paparazzi and other gullible media outlets. Basically, it’s a way for celebrities to get their revenge. Several high profile celebs are in on it. Ashton (smart manboy that he is) won’t say who. Ahhhh...the plot thickens.

Unlike Punk’d, Ashton won’t be jumping out at the end of the episodes laughing and pointing. He’ll let those involved find out with the rest of us “normal” schmucks. I’m sure he’ll be enjoying the aftershocks immensely while he massages his mom’s....oops...I mean wife’s feet.

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