Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paris Hilton’s monk is a sham.

Kind of funny though. Ashton Kutcher is filming a new show that tricks the paparazzi by setting up high profile celebrities with weird situations.
Ok, it really isn’t that funny.
Fox News says, The performance for the paps was reportedly for Kutcher’s new E! series premiering this Sunday entitled “Pop Fiction.” The show is designed to make gullible paps and media outlets look pathetic by pulling all sorts of pranks.
How cute. “Pop fiction.” Hopefully the show has a ton of close ups of Kutcher giggling and babbling with his trucker hat tilted. Seriously, I miss that. In fact, I am so excited for it right now that I may take a sledgehammer to my TV. This way, I don’t have to endure all the excitement of seeing Ashton Kutcher on TV.

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