Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paris Hilton crowned 'Miss Vagina 2008'

Atlanta, GA - Paris Hilton, actress, social misfit, and famous for being famous, was crowned 'Miss Vagina 2008' last night in Atlanta Georgia, at the Miss Vagina Pageant 2008.

In a surprise win, Ms. Hilton beat the two favorites who took runner-up positions in the contest. First runner-up Britney Spears, and second runner-up Lindsay Lohan. Both conceded that it was a very close contest.

Judge Robert Mann had this to say about the judge's final decision, "It was a tough call, but the talent part of the pageant was the clincher for Hilton. Her vagina whistling the title tune to 'Titanic' brought tears to everyone's eyes."

Ms. Hilton will officiate at the 2009 Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC, and along with her talented vagina,will sing the National Anthem at the World Series in 2009.

Hilton's grand prize is a cheesy golden crown, a Timex watch, 2 tickets to Sea World, and a $500.00 US Savings Bond.

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