Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lindsay Lohan to Ali Lohan: stay out of clubs!
Lindsay Lohan has said she doesn’t think it’s strange - or worrying - that her little sister Ali Lohan wants to follow in her footsteps. Ali told Teen Vogue recently that wants to be famous “so bad” and wants “to do what [Lindsay] does” in terms of acting and singing. Lindsay told People magazine: “She’s doing what I love to do, and she loves to do it too.” “I wish her the best of luck.” Both sisters are currently working on albums and while Lindsay says she hopes her third studio album “dance .. kind of Kylie Minogue meets Rihanna“, Ali’s younger so her debut will be “a different vibe.” But after two DUIs and three stints in rehab last year, the 21 year old had a little advice for her younger sibling: “Stay away from the clubs!”

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