Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lindsay Lohan advices younger sister to stay away from the clubs
U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan had one simple piece of advice for her younger sister and aspiring singer Ali: "Stay away from the clubs!"
The elder Lohan, whose partying lifestyle has led to multiple rehabilitation efforts and two drunken driving arrests, used a recent interview to offer her 14-year-old sister advice on being a celebrity, reported Friday. The "Mean Girls" star said in addition to avoiding the clubbing lifestyle, her sister should do her best to "keep her head on straight" as her fame increases. The cautionary words from Lohan come in the wake of Ali's highly publicized comment: "I want (to be famous) so bad." Lohan, meanwhile, is preparing to unveil a new album she says has more of a dance feel than her previous musical efforts. said the singer-actress also is to make a movie with comedian Jack Black and actress Ann-Margret, a dream come true for Lohan. "I'm very excited!" Lohan said of working with the award-winning actress. "I just really respect her."

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