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Adriana Lima Biography

Adriana Francesca Lima (born June 12, 1981 in Salvador, Bahia,
Brazil) is a Brazilian supermodel, best known for her work with Victoria's


Adriana Lima, commonly known as "the best face in the industry" and "the
most in demand runway model in the world", rose to stardom out of less than
glamorous conditions. Lima was discovered while shopping at a local mall at
the age of 13. At the age of 15, she finished in first place in a Ford
Supermodel of Brazil model search. Lima later followed with a second place
finish in the 1996 Ford Supermodel of the World contest.

Shortly after, Lima moved to New York City, and eventually moved on from
Ford, signing with Elite Model Management. Her early career consisted mostly
of fashion editorial work (with early appearances in international editions
of Vogue and Marie Claire in 1997/1998), as well as runway
work (Christian Lacroix, Valentino, and others). Lima's first big break came
when she was featured in a Vassarette billboard in Times Square. Her print
career followed, and like many other famous names (Claudia Schiffer,
Laetitia Casta, Eva Herzigova), Lima became a GUESS? Girl in their 2000
Costanoa and has face campaign.

Lima continued to build upon her entry, doing more print work
(Maybelline, bebe, Mossimo, BCBG) and gracing the cover and editorials of
more high fashion magazines (Harper's Bazaar, ELLE). Probably best known for
her Victoria's Secret work and Angel status (along with Heidi Klum and
Gisele Bündchen), Lima first graced the VS runway in 2000, and was the show
opener for the 2003 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

In 2001 Adriana Lima starred in BMW Films short, The Follow
alongside actors Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, and Forest Whitaker. In the
film, Owen's character is hired to follow Lima's, who is suspected of
cheating on her famous husband, played by Rourke. The film had a runtime of
8:47 including credits, was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, and directed by
Wong Kar-Wai. Even though her performance received rave reveiws and she was
offered other big parts for movies such as Kill Bill, Terminator
, and The Matrix Revolutions Lima made it clear that acting is
not her priority and that she only did The Follow because it was a
short film.

Adriana Lima is currently one of the most respected and in demand models
in the business and is the third highest paid model in the world (behind
Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss). She is currently represented by New York's
DNA Models, Brazil's Elite Models and the European Ford Models.

Personal life

Lima has has been romantically linked to celebrities in this past,
including a rumored engagement with rocker Lenny Kravitz and Major League
Baseball player Derek Jeter. She is currently known to be dating Prince
André Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein. This relationship has been a relatively
"hot" topic for the society spy columns and celebrity watchers, specifically
Page 6, New York Post and Hola! online magazine.

Lima gained a massive amount of fame in Italy after her mega contract
with the Italian cellphone carrier TIM grew very popular. In total it earned
her 6 million dollars and she has said she is not able to walk down the
street in Italy:

It's insane! Some people ask me for my autograph and a picture,
but mostly they will follow me around. They follow me into
bathrooms! They lack subtlety as well. Rome is the worst, I've had a
group of about 30 people and then a load of photographers surround
me in a circle while I'm trying to [walk] with André."

Lima does charitable work helping with an orphanage, "Caminhos da Luz"
(Ways of Light), located in her hometown. She helps with construction to
expand the orphanage, and buys clothes for poor children in Salvador, Bahia.

Lima's father walked out on her and her mother when Adriana was 6 months
old, Lima has met him only once since. When she was about 15 years old Lima
wanted to travel to Miami for a modelling competition but she was not
allowed to leave Brazil without certain legal papers that her father owned.
Adriana has said that she does not hate her father because "there is a
reason for everything" and she believes that her life was fine growing up
and that the presence of an unhappy father could have resulted in an unhappy
home environment.

I wouldn't change anything about my life. I am afraid that if I
did things might have turned out differently and I am currently
living my dream. If that means I had to live a poor [life] and I
have to deal with demons then I will do it. I got through everything
and I am very proud of myself...Life without a father was confusing
at times, I didn't know if I was to blame and I didn't know anything
about him...I love my mother and I have a bond with her that most
people don't share with their own mothers. It all worked out.


  • "Modeling is a tough job, your co-workers are your rivals, it really
    puts a damper on your perspective of other girls."

  • "Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I
    have to give the people, good energy and good feelings."

  • "I dont mind paparazzi and photographers. I don't really get why
    they want my picture though, I mean, I'm a model, there are tons
    of pictures of me out there! But I'm quite lucky that the paparazzi
    aren't too ruthless with me. As soon as I'm out of the public I think it
    should stop. [Once I've] gotten into a car or I'm on my property it's
    done. No more pictures... Privacy is important to me and I've seen
    pictures of me in my backyard that are taken from 300 [feet] away with a
    scope and everything! That's strange huh? I guess it's compliment that
    people care about what I do that much."

  • "Actually when I was little I was afraid of cameras and having my
    picture taken. So in all the pictures of me when I am 5 or so I'm crying
    because, you know, I was afraid of the flash."

Facts and stats

  • Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)

  • Measurements: 33-23-33 (US); 85-58-90 (EU)

  • Dress Size: 4 (US); 34 (EU)

  • Shoe Size: 9 (US); 41 (EU)

  • Eyes: Blue-Grey (sometimes described as green)

  • Hair: Dark Brown

  • Ethnicity: Swiss, African, Amerindian.

  • Lima has a cult like fan following called the "LimaHolic Mafia" Many
    compare these fans to Clay Aiken's Claymates

  • Nationality: Brazilian

  • Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

  • Religion: Roman Catholic.

  • Ranked #97 in's Highest Paid Celebrities list (2006)

  • Ranked #99 in's 100 Most Powerful People list (2006)

  • Ranked #57 in Maxim's Hot 100 (2003)

  • Ranked #1 in's Top 99 Women (2005)

  • Ranked #4 in's Top 99 Women of 2006

  • She likes "simple people".

  • Spokesmodel of XOXO, Armani Jeans, GUESS? and Victoria's Secret

  • Close friends and family call her "Leah" which is beleived to be a
    reference to her grandmother's name.

  • Her eyes tend to change colour from blue to grey to green.

  • She has a pierced navel.

  • She owns a female maltese poodle named Ivy.

  • She is said to be "the easiest person in the world to make laugh."

  • She owns a bar in Mexico.

  • Many of her dedicated fans desperatly want to see a picture of
    Lima's mother and father.

  • She is bookish : her favourite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

  • She would like to pursue acting or photography.

  • Her best friend is Oluchi Onweagba.

  • She is afraid of tapeworms and flying.

  • She meditates every morning.

  • She does not like to travel.

  • She was romantically linked with Lenny Kravitz.

  • She claimed Lenny was just a friend on The Late Show with Jay Leno.

  • She wears a scapular around her neck.

  • She is trained in Capoeira and Mixed Martial Arts.

  • She is always listed as one of the top five models in the world.

  • She never leaves the house without sunglasses.

  • She is the favourite model of famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth
    who specializes in erotic feminity editorial photography.

  • When she is asked what colour her eyes are she says she doesn't
    know, though her mother says they are blue.

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