Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feisty Jessica Alba rejects sex symbol tag

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is expecting twins

SHE may look like a glowing, serene mum-to-be, but messing with Jessica Alba is not advisable. Kung fu, karate, Thai boxing, scuba diving all feature on Alba's fulsome CV.

Though her legion of male fans may beg to differ, the actress, 26, who is expecting twins, sees herself "more warrior than sex symbol".

The young star, best known for her role as Invisible Woman Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four franchise, famously insists on doing all her own stunts.

She has swum with real sharks, tumbled off bikes at high speed and, in pursuit of her craft, earned herself broken ribs, black eyes and bloody noses.

Rather worryingly, she has also said she'd rather ``slay a guy with my fists than knock him out with the way I look''.

"It makes me far more confident to know I can hold my own in a fight,'' Alba insists, "than it does to look in the mirror and think I look beautiful.''


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