Thursday, March 6, 2008

Haven: Angelina Jolie Didn't Want to Hurt Jennifer Aniston's Feelings

By Jess Snow
Mar 6, 2008

Angelina Jolie isn't afraid of Jennifer Aniston, really, she's not just ask her brother. She would have gladly faced the music against Jennifer during the big showdown weekend but she just feels so sorry for Jennifer. So sayeth her brother James Haven. As usual he is speaking out and trying to defend his sister and he probably makes things worse for Jolie.
He says Angie is sensitive and respectful of other women's feelings in an interview with Grazia magazine. Unless of course she is hooking up with them on a movie set, which she has been accused of with her now boyfriend Brad Pitt, her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, and on and on.
Most wondered what happened to the brave face of Angelina on the Saturday night before the Oscars. Her tabloid friends had reported that "Brangelina insiders" were touting that she was looking forward to confronting Aniston and being the talk of the party. Instead she she didn't attend at all.

All were listed on the invitations to attend the gala that is for charity and raised $6 million. Only Jennifer would show up, looking fabulous in a little black dress. Haven's spin aside, Jolie certainly seemed like she wanted to avoid any confrontation. Most entertainment observers believe Jolie was just too afraid to face Aniston and have whispers of hime wrecker going on behund her back at the party. That explanation sounds a bit more plausible than James Haven's spin.

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