Monday, March 10, 2008

Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan to work together on new film
Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are set to work together on new film ‘Good Girls Go Bad’, it has been claimed.

The troubled Toxic star and the Mean Girls actress have reportedly got the film’s director, Ian Shroder so worried about working with them both at the same time - he has put up his own insurance.

A source said: “They will star as rivals in the movie which will be set in New York and there’s lots of excitement about it.

“One producer told Ian it could be a potential disaster, but he laughed it off and said he was even willing to pay the insurance himself.”

Britney and Lindsay have both had their fair share of public breakdowns - with Spears checking into a psych ward and Lohan checking into rehab - but they both seem intent on socializing to the max.

The source added to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Perhaps Lindsay could help Britney through her tough time.

“Both have been through a lot so their friendship can only blossom.

Meanwhile, Spears’ stalker has been sending her sex toys along with filthy pornographic notes, according to U.S. reports.

The star was feared to have a stalker after a series of letters were sent to her - some containing alarming descriptions of “how to bomb” and “weird gibberish” about the Middle East and Israel.

Now it has emerged that another package had a alarming sexual nature - and even contained a picture of a man who may be behind it all.

And alarmingly the alleged stalker also scrawled Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s names inside the packages, too.

“The first thing you see when you open the box is a huge, lavender-colored, battery-operated sex toy - still with the price tag on it,” a source said.

Alongside the sex toy were two letters - one handwritten and one written on a computer - both threatening and pornographic in nature.

“The handwritten one is on note paper and it’s written in a crazy, all-caps chicken scratch,” says the source.

The typed letter, meanwhile, is said to be five-pages long and contains vivid, pornographic details of the writer’s fantasy exploits with Britney.

Bizarrely, there is also a picture seemingly of the sender - a middle-aged white male with stringy, greasy hair - with the eyes cut out of the photo.

He also appears to be squirting some sort of yellowish liquid into his open mouth.

“It’s like something from a bad movie,” says the source. “If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.”

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